Animal Sound Flashcards


Animal Sounds Flashcards
10 colourful flashcards of different animals and the sounds that they make.
Teaching your little one to say ‘moo moo’ or ‘oink oink’ and associate these sounds with different animals is great fun. Furthermore, learning animal sounds can assist in the development of a child’s language ability. Each card is approximately 9 cm x 13.5 cm.

Animal Sounds Flashcards (10 cards)
– Frog goes ribbit ribbit
– Duck goes quack quack
– Cat goes meow meow
– Donkey goes heehaw heehaw
– Pig goes oink oink
– Cow goes moo moo
– Bee goes buzz buzz
– Rooster goes cock a doodle doo
– Snake goes sssss sssss
– Owl goes hoo hoo
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