Baby Milestone Cards – Watercolor Sage Green


Watercolour Baby Boy Milestone Cards
35 beautiful colour cards to celebrate your growing baby boy; the first time your little one said ‘mommy ’, his first tooth, first Christmas and many more special milestones and moments.
Include these beautiful cards in photos of your little one’s first few months to capture development and milestones achieved. Celebrate your growing baby, the first time your little one ate solid food, first tooth, first Christmas and many more special moments.
Watercolour Baby Boy Milestone Cards (35 cards)
– I am 1 day old
– I am 1, 2, 3 week(s) old (3 cards)
– I am 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 month(s) old (11 cards)
– I am 1 year old
– I was born today
– Hello, my name is … (includes date, weight, length and time of birth details)
– Today I smiled for the first time
– Today I laughed for the first time
– Today I rolled over for the first time
– Today I sat for the first time
– Today I crawled for the first time
– Today I walked for the first time
– Today I said mommy for the first time
– Today I said daddy for the first time
– Last night I slept through for the first time
– My first bath
– My first tooth
– My first word
– My first solid food
– My first Christmas
– My first Easter
– My first new year
– I’m going to be a brother
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