Toddler Milestone Cards

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Monochrome Typo Toddler Milestone Booster Pack
20 beautiful cards to celebrate your little one’s first haircut, first selfie, first naughty word and other toddler milestones and moments.
Include these beautiful cards in photos of your growing toddler to capture development and milestones achieved. Celebrate your little one’s first haircut, first selfie and first naughty word and even take a moment to laugh about those public tantrums.
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Monochrome Typo Toddler Milestone Cards


Monochrome Typo Toddler Milestone Booster Pack (20 cards)
– Today I picked my own clothes
– This is my favourite teacher
– These are a few of my favourite things
– I love to feed myself
– Me and my bestie
– First haircut
– First sleepover
– Massive public tantrum
– Brace yourself, it’s here… the terrible two’s
– First day of kindergarten
– First night in my own bed
– First try at potty training
– I said my first naughty word
– This is MINE!
– My masterpiece (artwork)
– I said my own name
– I make mommy’s heart full
– My first pet
– When I grow up… I wanna be like daddy
– My first selfie

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