Rainbow Lucky Draw


One of 2018’s hottest trends!For some, this is simply a majestical array of colours throughout our wonderful spectrum.To others, a rainbow is a tearful sighting but with the promise of hope.To gaze upon a rainbow you must have waited out a storm…
For some moms that storm began with a loss. The loss of a baby or child. It is estimated that 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage.
A “rainbow baby” is a baby that is born following a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss.
Over the last couple of months Mayalief has grown a powerful sense of respect towards this situation and also towards the many parents that suffer through this storm. To harness the power and energy to once again smile at the sight of a rainbow is inspiring and takes an enormous amount of hope, faith and encouragement.
We want to help raise funds and shed light on this issue, a topic that is too painful to conquer alone or in silence.
So…My own, dear mom – who has conquered this and many other storms has crocheted a beautiful rainbow blanket that will be gifted to one hopeful mama, through a lucky draw.  It will definitely be accompanied by one of our Mayalief rainbows too. (blanket is  a single bed and most definitely toddler friendly)
To stand a chance to win please purchase a ticket online, Mayalief’s shop. Buy as many as you like, ALL PROCEEDS will be going to a local baby house.
Then also…
For the month of August, we are asking YOU inspirational woman, YOU who has weathered this storm and stands tall embracing her rays op hope or tiny baby miracle, to help us raise awareness by sharing YOUR story.
Do this by posting a picture to Instagram or Facebook telling the world that YOU are 1 in 4. Please write a post telling us about your experience. Maybe you suffered a loss recently or maybe you are already holding your rainbow baby. Use the #lovemoreZA and #mayaliefrainbows
By speaking up we can be better, kinder and stronger. Supporting one another.

!!Please note- if you are purchasing a lucky draw ticket-do not add a shipping fee, please select Gauteng as your province and select the collection option.

If you are ordering more items with your ticket and your order should be shipped to you, check out as usual.


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