If you are caring for a child, whether as a parent, caregiver or teacher, understanding the normal childhood development process is important. But what if your child’s progress deviates from the norm? How can you help your child if he or she experiences developmental or learning problems? Enhancing Your Child’s Development provides the reader with insight into how children develop normally and explores ways in which children who struggle with developmental difficulties can be assisted and supported. It specifically addresses the following topics:
• What a child needs to develop normally.
• How to test if your child is developing sufficiently: normal developmental milestones from birth to 6 years.
• Possible causes and cures for problems during normal childhood development.
• How to identify and interpret complications like developmental delays, learning difficulties, perceptual problems, motor skill problems and school related problems.
• Practical exercises for children (from birth to 9 years old) and advice for parents and caregivers.

Part 1: Normal Child Development
• The Components of Normal Child Development
• Using Toys and Activities to Stimulate Normal Child Development
• How to Test if Your Child is Developing Sufficiently
Part 2: Complications During Child Development
• Possible Causes and Cures
• Identifying and Interpreting Complications
• What Can I do to Help?
• Questions Parents and Teachers Often Ask Appendices
• Exercises Which Stimulate the Development of Motor and Perceptual Skills
• Handling Spelling and Reading Difficulties
• Examples of Writing and Spelling Mistakes – Analyses and Interpretation
• Helping the Child to Study and Learn
• Ideas for Discipline

Sonja Witthaus qualified as an Occupational Therapist from the University of Pretoria in 1992. She has over 10 years experience working with children experiencing developmental delays,  learning difficulties like dyslexia, attention deficit and hyperactive behavior. She has been involved in the support and development of stimulation programs for various preschool facilities and has facilitated many workshops for nursery and school teachers, caregivers and therapists in terms of normal childhood development and helping children experiencing complications. Sonja is passionate about the development and empowerment of children.

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A Guide for Teachers, Therapists and Parents


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